Year 1

The transition from Foundation stage is made really easily, as the Autumn Term is spent combining familiar activities from the Foundation Stage whilst gradually introducing new activities.

The classroom is a familiar environment with lots of areas of continuous provision such as a Writing area, Maths area and a Construction area which helps the children settle in really quickly. We continue to focus on Literacy and Numeracy and we also begin to sit on the carpet for longer periods of time.

As well as Literacy and Numeracy we explore some exciting topics in History, Creativity in Art and Music as well as creating some healthy foods in DT (Design and Technology).

Year 2

In Year 2 we work hard and like to have fun. In Year 2 we become much more confident in reading, writing and numeracy and we are encouraged to become more independent in our learning. In the summer term we have to be very grown up as we are preparing for our next move into Year 3 as juniors!

We study several different topics in Year 2 which help to make our learning in lots of subjects interesting and creative.

Science is really exciting in Year 2, we develop our investigation skills through exploring different topics. We learn through applying our skills to lots of practical activities and we develop our Numeracy skills by finding ways to measure and record results.

Year 3

All of the children in Year 3 are keen to make a good impression after moving to Key Stage 2. As the year progresses pupils work with increased independence whilst learning lots of new things.

As well as studying the core subjects, during Year 3 we study some exciting topics. Where possible, links are made with our topic during our studies in other subjects.

Year 4

Our aim in Year 4 is to learn in an engaging and creative way, further developing enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning. Our Year 4 teaching learning experience prepares our pupils for the remaining years in primary education and secondary school preparation.

Year 5

In Year 5 the focus is all about learning, being creative and having fun.

In Year 5 we work really hard to learn new things every day and to help and support each other in our learning. We get on together, we help each other when we are stuck or don't know what to do.

We study several different topics in Year 5 which help to make our learning in lots of our subjects interesting and creative.

Year 6

Year 6 is a challenging year as we prepare our pupils for the end of Key Stage assessments.

For the pupils it is their final year of Primary School and an extremely busy one. We continue to develop the independent working skills which have been fostered throughout Key Stage 2 with our pupils.

Our Year 6 curriculum is designed to equip our pupils to be able to take on increasing responsibility for their own learning in preparation for secondary school next year. Our pupils love taking on extra jobs and responsibilities around school.

There is a lot to do in Year 6 in all areas of the curriculum and it is a very busy year - but also a very exciting one as we come to the end of our time at primary school.
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