Residential & Educational Visits

Residential & Educational Visits
'I enjoyed PGL (the residential) because of the fun activities we did

every day such as Trapeeze, Giant Swing, Fencing and Aeroball'

'I loved going to Chessington (with my family) as it was lots of fun'

'I liked the zoo because I saw a Hippo'

Children's quotes 

Classes are regularly taken on educational visits to support the topics being studied.   The school is not able to fund these trips and we need to ask for voluntary contributions from parents.  No child will be excluded because of non-payment but if the level of non-payment is high we will not be able to fund the trip and it will have to be cancelled.  We are very fortunate to be offered outings occasionally by The Variety Club and The Taxi Drivers for Underprivileged Children.

Every year, our Year 6 children get an opportunity to visit an activity centre and try lots of different things on a residential trip (which we heavily subsidise). It forms a key part of your child's independence and a chance to say bye to the Primary era before entering the world of Secondary school.
Click here for the presentation from our current residential provider PGL: PGL Residential Year 6

PGL Yr 6 Residential Trip 

Below is a selection of photos highlighting some of the children's activities including:
(in order left to right) - Climbing wall, tunnel trail, Aeroball (like basketball but on a trampoline)



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