Support for Parents/Carers & Legal Guardians


We believe parents and carers play a vital role in their children’s education and the wider aspects of school life.

We welcome parents/carers who wish to get involved in life at our school, in any capacity. If you would like to volunteer to come in and support children with their learning or volunteer to help out on school trips or community events then please speak to the helpful people at reception and they will direct you to the appropriate person.

Volunteers work around and in our school in a number of ways including: administration, events, reading and classroom assistants.

We always welcome feedback in any form, and for most parents/carers this is face to face. However, we also understand that a lot of parents/carers can't visit and speak to staff due to work constraints, so please do email in/or write to us instead and we can direct your feedback appropriately.

We have a form which you can download 
here to print, or ask for in our school office. 

The process to follow is:

1) Speak to your child’s class teacher or speak to our Parental Engagement Lead/Headteacher’s PA Umarani Nathan. Umarani is available most mornings to speak to any parents/carers who wish to see her. She will usually be outside in the playground or inside school. Do ask for her at the office.

2) Arrange to speak to a Senior Management Team member - one of the Senior Leaders is available each and every day to speak to parents/carers - Ms Harris, Ms Ballantyne..

3) Speak to the Headteacher, Ms Ferdinand. Ms Ferdinand will always try to be in her office during the start and end of school but it is best to book an appointment with Umarani Nathan if you wish to speak with her.

4) A letter to the Chair of Governors but only after following all the steps outlined above.

5) Further representation. If you remain dissatisfied you may make further representations. You may approach the Secretary of State for Education or the Ombudsman* if you are unhappy with the process or outcome. This would normally only be appropriate if you believe that the school, the Governing body and the LEA have acted illegally or arbitrarily.
* Please note the Ombudsman does not investigate internal school management 

Further details are available here in our complaints policy: Compliments, Complaints and Feedback policy

We encourage you to let us know about:
  • how you feel about the school menus/catering
  •  what you would like to see us improve on and what you do like/don't like about your child's school life
  • how you can help us organise or participate in events, school life, reading programmes
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